Our History

George J. Jost, founder of the "Jost & Kiefer Printing Co." was of German descent. His father, John Jost, was born in Ober-steinab, Merleback, Hessen, Darmstadt, Germany in 1833. In 1852, at the age of 19, John Jost immigrated to the United States. He was a stonecutter by trade, and also was engaged in contracting work in a partnership known as "Brussi & Jost".

George Jost and Herman Bohne organized the "Jost & Bohne Printing Co." in 1904, with the shop being located at 702 Maine St. The business prospered, and in November of 1907 it moved to larger quarters at 2235 North 6th St. In June 1912, Mr. Bohne retired from the business and was succeeded in partnership by Joseph F. Kiefer, and the company became known as "Jost & Kiefer". Soon the growing company moved to 631-633 Vermont Street. In 1970, Charles Nobis purchased the company and began to change the printing industry in Quincy.

Jost and Kiefer quickly became the largest and most technically advanced printing company in the tri-state area. Multiple color presses, photo typesetting and advanced bindery techniques were some of the major technical advancements made in the early years.

In 1977, Jost and Kiefer purchased Creative Printers in Quincy, IL. Creative was purchased to help deal with the expanding printing workload J & K was experiencing. It was not long before Creative Printers began to outgrow the facility on 110 South 11th Street. Creative Printers needed a new, larger plant.

The company decided to relocate Creative Printers and build a new facility in the Schneidman Industrial Park in the Northeast part of Quincy. Creative Printers moved to their new building in April of 1990. In 1992, the company merged both Jost and Kiefer Printing and Creative Printers into one building to operate as one larger company. The building location in the Schneidman Industrial Park was doubled, and in the summer of 1992 the company became JK Creative Printers.

In September 1996, JK Creative added an electronic prepress department. They upgraded a workflow solution that incorporated four-color drum scanning and direct to plate technology. The company expanded its facility to include electronic prepress and moved into the new expansion in January 1997. JK Creative continues to supply customers with the latest technology, quality and service available.

In 2007, JK Creative celebrated its 100th anniversary. It was honored by the Illinois Historical Society by receiving the 2007 Centennial Award for being an Illinois corporation that was incorporated continually for over 100 years. Since 1984, more than 1,100 Illinois corporations have become Centennial honorees, ranging from the Chicago White Sox and the AMEREN-Corporation to the Auburn Citizen newspaper and Yorkville National Bank.